Due to the current COVID-19 emergency, our office is temporarily closed to the public. We are currently providing services via phone, email or text. All in person contact has been suspended. If you need to speak with a staff member immediately, please dial 410-778-7450.

Please be assured, that during these uncertain times crime continues to be prosecuted and offenders are being held accountable.

While our office is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 emergency the prosecutors, victim advocate, investigator, and paralegal staff are actively working every day to timely process criminal cases. We remain open 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to answer questions from the public.

Our local law enforcement partners continue to protect the citizens of Kent County.   We are fortunate to have such well prepared, professional law enforcement agencies who will help keep us safe and well during this crisis.


Debido a la situación emergenca de Covid-19 , nuestro officina esta cerrado a la gente por este tiempo. Nosotros estamos ofreciendo servicius para telephono, email y mensajes de texto. Todos el contacto en persona ha sido suspendido. Si tu necesitas hablar con un miembro del equipo inmediatamente, por favor llamada 410-778-7450.

Por favor, tenga la seguridad de que durante estos tiempos inciertos, el crimen sigue siendo enjuiciado y los criminales están siendo rendidos.

Mientras que nuestra oficina está cerrada al público por la covid - 19, los fiscales, la victima defensor, investigadora y personal paralegal trabajan cada día para procesar los casos penales. Permaneceremos abiertos a las 8: 30 a. m. - 4: 30 p. m., de lunes a viernes, para responder a las preguntas del público.

Nuestros socios de la ley local siguen protegiendo a los ciudadanos del condado de kent. Tenemos la suerte de tener tan bien preparados, agencias profesionales de orden público que nos ayudarán a mantenernos a salvo y durante esta crisis.

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Bryan DiGregory

Kent County State's Attorney's Office

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Kent County is responsible for prosecuting criminal offences that occur in Kent County. In that capacity, our office works in conjunction with local law enforcement, the department of social services and other State and County agencies. As your State’s Attorney, I will do everything I can to promote the interests of justice and protect our community.

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